Decolonizing Love (May 2018)

Creating the Kind of Relationships We Want

Ever feel like your head and heart are at war? Ever wrestle with who and how you're allowed to love (or not)? Feeling torn about loving yourself? All of that is the direct result of colonization. Misogyny, objectification, fetishism, exoticism, monogamy-as-standard. All colonization. This course is about getting to the heart of your love and rejecting colonization's stronghold on our relationships.

Breaking Free From Oppressive Normativity (May 2018)

Finding Freedom and Pursuing Life on Your Terms

How do we move beyond the horizons society has set for us? How do we establish new systems and leave behind what is broken? In this course, we'll dive into these questions and find freedom outside what's expected of us.

Intuitive and Intentional Career Development (May 2018)

Feeling Your Way Into Fulfilling Work

Most of us yearn for work that allows us and our communities to flourish. We don't just want a paycheck; we want a career that reflects who we are, what we're good at, and what we value. And yet finding that kind of personalized, meaningful work can sometimes feel impossible. In this course, we’ll learn that it doesn’t need to.

Sex Skills Bootcamp (May 2018)

Finding Fun and Freedom in Your Body and Your Bed

Enriching your sexuality has never been more fun, practical, and encouraging. Join dynamic sex educators Amory Jane and Gretchen Leigh to explore your erotic curiosities, boost your body confidence, deepen your relational skills, and unleash your bedroom prowess.


Finding Strength When Life Changes (April 2018)

How to Navigate Tough Times with Resilience

When your life is rocked by loss, grief, or loneliness—whether through death, divorce, unemployment, or unmet dreams—it doesn’t have to be robbed of strength and solace. By learning how to embrace emotional waves and by working through them with a compassionate community, you can process big emotions and navigate to a new place of depth and gratitude.

Sex Ed for Adults (March 2018)

What You Should Have Learned In School

To level up your sex life, you just need some new tools for exploration. Learn about consent, pleasure, and sexual communication — all the sex ed you should have learned in school, and then some — in a welcoming environment.

How to Apologize (February 2018)

Healing Wounds, Mending Relationships

Apologies have been all over the news recently, reminding us there are both good and bad ways to apologize. Good apologies heal the world. They mend wounds, transcend egos, bolster justice, and foster peace. Bad apologies fester and deepen wounds. Learn how to seek understanding of the wronged person’s perspective and why their perspective—not your sincerity or remorse—is the key to healing a relationship.

Crop Diversity (February 2018)

Change Your Palate, Change the Future

Ninety percent of the world's calorie intake comes from just 30 crop species. With a rapidly changing climate affecting many of those crops, we’ve got a problem. In this course, learn how crop diversity, a.k.a. agrobiodiversity, is the key to sustaining our food resources.

Thriving Through Heartbreaking Personal Change (January 2018)

Finding Your Way When Things Fall Apart

When your life is shaken by loss or grief—whether through death, divorce, unemployment, or unmet dreams—it’s hard enough to get through the day, much less know how to process all the emotions you feel. Is it possible to fall apart and still keep it together?

Drawing Plants - Winter Meditation (January 2018)

Drawing to Connect with Winter's Rhythms

Drawing has a special way of slowing us down, allowing us to tune in to nature's rhythms. It’s a simple practice that can bring us to a mindful state anywhere we go. In this course, we’ll cultivate an openness to unexpected outcomes as we record our observations of the dark season’s wonders.

Bitters-Making Workshop (September 2017)

How did bitters go from traditional digestive medicine to quirky cocktail ingredient? Reclaim ancestral digestive medicinal knowledge and make your own bitters in this hands-on workshop.