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March Courses

Improvisation for Mindfulness

Changing Your Mindset Through Improv

Taught by Marilyn Divine

In this fun + interactive course, we will use the skills of improv theatre for navigating + enhancing real life. We will explore topics such as spontaneity, mindfulness, risk taking, + surrendering.


Rhythm in Music: Making the Most of Time

Read and Compose Rhythms in Every Genre

Taught by Aron Bernstein

Rhythm is making the most out of time, the most tactile dimension in music. In this course you will hear over a hundred listening examples, learn to identify rhythms, and compose your own work in this exploration of music history.


Financial Freedom: March Session

Getting Empowered about Money in Your Life

Taught by Douglas Tsoi

There is only one person responsible for your financial health: you. We'll explore the influence the hidden assumptions of consumption and debt in our capitalist system and help you reclaim ownership of how you spend your time and your energy.

Talking Across the Political Chasm

How to Listen + Talk In Divisive Times

Taught by Christine Dupres

For many of us, the election results felt deeply personal. We responded with anger, but we must redirect our attention. This course will give you cathartic doses of direct action and a chance to shift the system, through effective communication across the political divide.

Macroeconomics for Muggles

Learning about the Magic of Money at Hogwarts

Taught by Lillian Karabaic

Have you ever wondered why money exists in the wizarding world? This course will provide you with a basic understanding of macroeconomics through the lens of Harry Potter. You will be able to hold a smart policy conversation, as well as contribute some magic.

March Workshops

Pizza School: March Session

A Pizza Skills Workshop

Taught by Will Fain

A Tuesday Evening Workshop at Handsome Pizza. Learn the basics of dough, stretching and topping pizzas + how to use a wood-fired oven. We'll also pass on tips for getting the best results in your home oven.


Transgender Education + Advocacy Workshop

Understand Identity to Become a Better Ally

Taught by Basic Rights Oregon

Transgender people face discrimination and danger unlike any other marginalized community. Learn key concepts and understand how trans identities intersect with the LGBT and POC communities to become a better ally.

Poetry of the Resistance Workshop

Finding your Activist Voice

Taught by Sara Guest

Community matters, and so does your voice. Now is the time to speak out, join a movement, get involved, do the work. Workshop writing to bring new clarity to the focus of your activist agenda.

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What's the PUGS course in you?

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