"PUGS offers courses that I've never seen anywhere else - thought-provoking, creative, unique, innovative and really inspirational." - Melea Seward

"PUGS has allowed me to stimulate my mind outside of its usual confines. I have learned so much, and more important, spent more time thinking about my world in new ways." - Will Fain

"PUGS classes just feel different - it's a mix of learning and community building like nothing I've experienced. I've learned as much from my classmates as I have from my teachers." - Betty Brickson

Change your status quo. 

Education is the tool that changes everything. Without it, nothing happens. Learning is the first step to change. Change yourself. Change the world around you.

Learn to be more...

 aware, caring, committed, creative, flexible, fulfilled, future-oriented, generous, honest, improving, improvising, incisive, inclusive, independent, informed, initiating, innovating, inquisitive, insightful, kind, leading, rooted, self-aware, strategic, supportive + wild