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always be learning, always be longing

"PUGS offers courses that I've never seen anywhere else - thought-provoking, creative, unique, innovative and really inspirational." - Melea S.


"PUGS has allowed me to stimulate my mind outside of its usual confines. I have learned so much, and more important, spent more time thinking about my world in new ways." - Will F.


"Stimulated introspection. Valuable, paradigm-shifting information." - Betty B.

Are you a lifelong learner? Someone who loves self-improvement and wants to make their free time more meaningful and valuable than sitting on the couch? Come learn from local experts and with other smart, interesting Portlanders at Portland Underground Grad School (PUGS). The world is changing so fast and there's so much to learn.

PUGS courses are live and in-person. Classes are four weeks long, live, in-person, and each a little micro-culture of smart, interesting learners. That means commitment and community compared to lectures, podcasts, and books. PUGS takes the best of traditional schooling (connecting with other motivated people, learning from an expert faciliator), and leave out the worst (the exclusion, bureaucracy, and enormous debt burden).

We believe in educational and economic equity, so people of all incomes are welcome through our Pricing and Generosity Policy. If you're motivated to keep learning, come take a course and get connected.