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Teaching at PUGS

teaching at pugs

"Engaging with enthusiastic students in what I care most about helped me to get my mojo back. It brought out feelings of inspiration and discovery that I had long forgotten." - Peter Michael Bauer, Rewilding 101

Make a difference in people's lives. If you have expertise + passion for a topic AND have taken one or more PUGS courses, please suggest a course and we'll help you design the curriculum.  

PUGS believes in profit-sharing. We pay instructors half the profits after expenses (i.e. net revenue). That way we profit with, not from teachers. Depending on size of the class and student scholarships, most teachers make about $300-$800 for four weeks. 

We prefer our instructors to be students first. We want people to invest in the community + understand our vibe and our ethos before teaching. If you are interested in teaching at PUGS, please sign up for a course. If you've taken a course, use the course submission form below to tell us what you want to share!

Note: we are actively looking for instructors to teach courses on Portland history, Portland current events, and social justice.