Drawing Plants - Winter Meditation (January 2018)


Drawing Plants - Winter Meditation (January 2018)

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Drawing to Connect with Winter's Rhythms

Drawing has a special way of slowing us down, allowing us to tune in to nature's rhythms. It’s a simple practice that can bring us to a mindful state anywhere we go. In this course, we’ll cultivate an openness to unexpected outcomes as we record our observations of the dark season’s wonders.

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Dates: Wednesdays, January 10, 17, 24, 31 
Time: 7pm-9pm
Location: People's Co-Op || 3029 SE 21st Ave
$149 regular registration. $199 late registration.

Using simple materials like pencil, charcoal, and ink, we’ll trace the arc of late winter, marking the weeks by exploring the details of seeds, jewel-like buds, and the signs of spring’s approach. All experience levels welcome.

Bring: Sketch book or drawing paper, No. 2 pencil, sharpener, and eraser. All other materials provided and included in course fee.

Week 1: Seeds. Holding stories of the past and possibilities for the future, seeds are endlessly diverse and fascinatingly detailed. We’ll explore a range from the Fibonacci spirals of large pinecones to the small, sculptural seeds of calendula.

Week 2: Twigs and Buds. Bare winter branches have their own gestures and vocabulary. The key to identifying winter trees and shrubs is noticing the details that differentiate them.

Week 3: Houseplants. Green friends brighten our time indoors during the winter months. Bring some of yours to draw or get to know some of the species I grow—and take home some cuttings to draw and propagate!

Week 4: Sap Rising. As our corner of Earth tilts gradually toward the sun, subtle signs of spring begin to appear. We’ll seek out the first blooms and shoots, drawing them as a celebration of natural cycles.  

Mulysa Melco is an ecological landscape designer, horticulturist, and artist with a lifelong passion for plants and exploring our connection with the land.