Food Systems
Identity, Ecology + Justice

Taught by Katelyn Hale

Everything we need to live comes from the earth...and from each other. From the soil to the sun, from farms to forks and family, our local and global food systems are quite complicated. How can understanding systems of equity and ecology help us create more nourishing relationships with the land, our limited resources, and each other?

Through this course, participants will use systems thinking to explore critical oppression studies and ecological literacy in the context of food. We'll look outward to understand structural systems of oppression and their effects on relationships, and inward to understand how our identities impact who we are in the world—and how that empowers us to work towards our visions right now.

Be prepared for highly participatory classes (and 2-4 hrs of homework each week), packed with engaging discussions and activities that challenge and expand your theory and practice. 

Katelyn Hale is a community educator, illustrator, and farmer. All of her work emerges from her optimism for possibility: for social transformation towards more nurturing, equitable, and satisfying relationships between people, places, and ideas. Learn more about her work at 

Accessibility notes: The Community Room is up a flight of stairs. There's a lift to the second floor as well -- check in with a cashier or other employee to use it. There are all-gender bathrooms on the first and second floors. People's Food Co-op is nearby the 4, 9, and 10 bus lines. Feel free to be in touch with Sofie at with any accessibility questions or concerns.