How to Thrive in These Times
Spiritual Resources for Climate Change + More

Taught by Rev. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin

Climate change is real, terrifying, and only one of the many profound crises humanity faces. Given the enormity of the problem and its consequences, it can be hard to see options other than despair, denial, distraction, or depletion trying to fight back. So, what do we do?

This class is designed for activists, concerned citizens, worriers and dreamers who want to live empowered lives in the face of the myriad devastating issues of our time. Together, we will explore spirituality as a resource to help us access deep sources of power. With an open and embracing definition of the spiritual, we will be utilizing many different practices and tools from a wide variety of sources. Together, we'll find new energy for life and rich imagination for the future in the midst of seemingly insurmountable odds. 

Week One:  Facing Facts. What is climate change? What feelings does it evoke for us, as individuals and communities?

Week Two:  Recovering. Are our habits and life patterns governed by living within an addictive system?  What does recovery look like when the whole system is addicted?  

Week Three:  Awakening Leadership. What are practices for cultivating power and leadership in ourselves? How can leadership help us stop being victims of an addictive system and instead find our agency within it?

Week Four:  Creating and Inspiring. How can we use creative expression as a spiritual resource to sustain us for the long haul? What role models can help us see the way to finding our power?

Rev. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin is a spiritual director, author + that pastor of The Wilderness Way Community