Sex Skills Bootcamp (May 2018)

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Sex Skills Bootcamp (May 2018)

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Dates: Tuesdays, May 1, 8, 15, and 22
Time: 7:30pm-9:30pm
Location: Wayfinding Academy || 8010 N Charleston Ave
Price: $250. Space limited to 20 students.

Summer is almost here: it’s time for boot camp! We’re not talking military training or a strenuous fitness course, though. We’re talking sex skills. By the end of this course from veteran sex ed instructors Amory Jane and Gretchen Leigh — whom you may know from their engaging, inclusive courses at She Bop — not only will you enjoy greater sexual knowledge and communication prowess, your confidence regarding sex, your body, and your relationships in general will all receive a well-earned boost.

This course welcomes adults from all backgrounds, experience levels, and relationship structures. Because of the nature of the course, participants should be at least 18 years old. If you have a question about the course, email it to, and we'll forward it along to the instructors.

What to expect:

  • A fun and inclusive environment

  • Frank discussions of human sexuality and society

  • Open and humorous teaching styles

  • Live demos!

Week 1: Laying the Foundation. Before we can become the sex wizards we’re meant to be, we must first learn to harness the sexual power within us and how we can use those powers for good. This class lays the foundations for the weeks to come: we’ll work on navigating the world with a sex-positive mindset, understanding consent in today’s society, addressing toxic masculinity and its impact on sex and relationships, and debunking some common and harmful sex myths. We’ll also practice communication and negotiation skills while giving time for class participants to share their own experiences and ask questions.

Week 2: Queering Your Sex. Traditional sex education comes from a cisgender, heterosexual, reproduction-focused perspective. This causes a lot of gaps in our sexual knowledge and leaves many people out of the discussion. In this class, we work toward inviting more creativity, inclusiveness, and body positivity into our sex, regardless of our gender, genitals, abilities, or sexual orientation! We will discuss and demo hand sex techniques, sex toys, anal exploration, strap-ons, and other forms of body play outside of the “penis-in-vagina” framework of yesteryear. We’ll also discuss sexual fluidity, how to think beyond labels, and how patriarchal standards of sex can affect and harm us all.

Week 3: Oral Aficionados. Whether you're well-versed in the art of going down or a newbie in need of a 101, we could all use a little oral sex brush-up every once in awhile. In this class, we will cover vulva and penis anatomy, tongue and mouth techniques, deep throating, power dynamics, safer sex tools, getting your hands (and toys!) in on the action, creative positioning for various body types, and, most importantly, how to request, give, and receive constructive feedback on your technique. We will also share ideas on making oral sex more stimulating and pleasurable for the giver, not to mention how to deal with issues such as TMJ or neck pain. Your clit questions will be answered and your cock concerns addressed in this comfortable, gender-affirming, body-positive session.

Week 4: Kink & Fantasies. Have you ever wanted to explore exhibitionism or voyeurism? Does a threesome or group sex sound like the hottest thing in the world to you? Want to explore your dominant or submissive side? As the modern bard Ludacris asks: “What’s Your Fantasy?” They say your biggest and best sex organ lives right between your ears; it's time to put that beautiful brain to use and start having the sex of your dreams! This lesson focuses on fantasies, fun, and keeping things fresh in the bedroom. We'll cover (and practice!) role playing, dirty talk, BDSM basics, and more. We will also facilitate an interactive discussion on popular fantasies and kink archetypes, allowing everyone to tap into their own sexual identities/personas.


Amory Jane is a sex educator and entertainer, comedic storyteller, and host of the podcast Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane. She is also the Education Coordinator at She Bop and producer/host of Whoopee! A Sex-Positive Variety Show. Amory Jane received a Master's Degree in Psychology in 2010, with a focus on Marriage, Couple, & Family Counseling and Sex Therapy. Her biggest passions are consent-based, pleasure-focused sex education and entertainment, and she is best known for her open and humorous teaching style. Amory Jane has spoken nationally on panels and podcasts about sex and sexuality, has been the host of many sex-positive events and fundraisers, and has presented workshops around the country about ethical non-monogamy, consent, BDSM, oral sex, sex & cannabis, communication, orgasm, sex toys, and more. Learn more about AJ at and follow her @Amory_Jane on Twitter or @amory_jane on Instagram. 

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Gretchen Leigh is a sex educator, personal trainer, athlete, model, advocate, and performer dedicated to helping people find the confluence of physical, mental, and sexual health. She has made a name for herself in the world of sex education with classes at She Bop like "Strap It to Me: Strap-on Sex for Everybody" and "Fellatio 2.0: An Oral Sex Upgrade," and she maintains a passion for health education. She is currently the go-to resource for many on sex after cancer, pelvic floor health, and more. You can regularly find Gretchen slinging sex toys at She Bop, lifting heavy things in a singlet, or talking about feminism to strangers (with permission, of course). Learn more and contact Gretchen at