Finding Strength When Life Changes (April 2018)


Finding Strength When Life Changes (April 2018)


How to Navigate Tough Times with Resilience

When your life is rocked by loss, grief, or loneliness—whether through death, divorce, unemployment, or unmet dreams—it doesn’t have to be robbed of strength and solace. By learning how to embrace emotional waves and by working through them with a compassionate community, you can process big emotions and navigate to a new place of depth and gratitude.

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Dates: Wednesdays, April 11, 18, 25, and May 2nd
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: Potentials Wellness Center || 200 NE 20th Ave
$249 (individual rate). Space limited to 10 students.

When life changes, it's easy to feel thrown. This is when it's most important to practice self-care and to actively process what we're going through. 

In this workshop, we’ll learn how to use our bodies and voices to recalibrate ourselves and to connect to the full range of our emotions. We’ll tap into our imaginations to understand the deeper purposes of our feelings, and we'll find new ways to foster intimacy and build strong relationships with the people around us. We'll listen to each other and form a compassionate, thoughtful community where everyone is welcome to be themselves. Together, we'll find gratitude and wisdom for ourselves, our bodies, and our complex emotions, and we'll learn how to embody the strength to move forward. 

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Week One: Grounding Practices. We’ll get to know each other through a brief heart circle share, then we'll walk through breath work, warrior stance, and active imagination. Finally, we’ll discuss setting up an altar space in your home to align your focus and home practices.

Week Two: Breaking the Shame Cycle. How can we overcome the shame that things like advertising, porn, and online dating can create inside our minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits, and reprogram ourselves to support and love the amazing gifts our bodies give us? Through practicing alone and sharing with others, we’ll pinpoint the ways we tear ourselves down and find ways to become more comfortable in our bodies.

Week Three: Fostering Intimacy. It's pretty easy to feel lonely in this day and age. Hookup culture, the lack of cultural and community support for deep intimacy, and cliquishness that separates us into groups based on appearance (gender presentation, age, race, etc.) and income status rather than character can all contribute to loneliness. How do we overcome these barriers and remove our masks to practice 1:1 relationships with one another?

Week Four: Processing Grief. Despite how often grief appears in our lives, it’s difficult to understand its purpose, much less know how to process it. We’ll practice ways to remove emotional barriers that keep us from processing grief.

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Over the past five years, George Winborn left his marriage and job, moved out of the house he’d lived in for a decade, lost his mother to dementia and death, and buried a beloved pet. He leaned on his 20-year yoga and meditation practices, shamanic visioning, and individual and group therapy to get through it all. Now that he’s on the other side, he’s leading this workshop series to share his experiences and practices in the hope of helping others. George graduated from Harvard with a degree in English and has 15 years of experience facilitating classes and workshops on a variety of topics.