Unlock Your Self:
Applied imagination, memory, and discovery

taught by Liz Asch Greenhill

MONDAY November 7th + TUESDAYS November 15th-29th || 7:00-9:00
SE Uplift || 3534 SE Main St.
Four weeks || Space is limited to 20 students.

Tuition for this course is 8 x your hourly wage.
Minimum wage equates to $78 for the course + is the minimum tuition. A limited amount of scholarships are available. Please email lizgreenhill<at>gmail.com for an admission interview + a registration password, or with scholarship inquiries.

When we feel constricted and stuck, expression can liberate us. Tapping into creative flow shifts the body paradigm from tension and immobility to power and possibility. The criteria that facilitates your self-expression is unique as a fingerprint, a blend of your personality, experience, and curiosity. In this course we will apply the trifecta of imagination, memory and discovery to the body to develop a utility of creative prowess. This course is your opportunity to learn specifics about yourself and discover your own signature recipe for getting unstuck and embodied. 

This class will involve meditation, guided visualization, breathing techniques, in-class writing exercises and writing at home. We will brainstorm, share ideas, make lists and sketch out plans. We’ll use tools such as active listening, daydreaming, writing, and strategic goal-setting to generate a vision for a new future.

Week 1 || Stuckness, Examined + Identified
How do we each tend to lock up? Students choose an angle from which to approach the course: creative, personal, or professional. We check in with the feelings, thoughts + energy associated with our obstacles. The body is our place to locate stuckness. When we find it, we will give it an image which will prompt our writing exercises.

Week 2 || Fingerprints
This week, we get to know ourselves better by asking questions. What makes you unique? What are you really very good at? Together and individually, we investigate aptitudes, affinities, and preferred activities. As a group, we will have a chance share our heroes and leaders.

Week 3 || Resistances: Needs vs. Wants
As we build our skillset, we look to the obstacles we perceive as holding us back. Working with partners, we mirror-image each other. Through active listening, we give ourselves permission and freedom to Imagine Anything. 

Week 4 || Design your Habitat and Lock in a New System
Individually, we inventory our toolkits of skills, resources and heroes. We think about what to use as sticky notes--how to remember this inventory? Checking in with the body, we each determine our own best habitat for feeling our best and making our biggest, brightest contributions to the world. 

Liz Asch Greenhill is a visual artist, writer, mother, teacher, and creativity dynamo. She also practices hands-on-healing, and was voted one of the top 5 Acupuncturists in Best of PDX 2016. Liz holds a BA from Vassar, a Masters in Chinese Medicine, and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction.