Rewilding 201
Rewilding in Action

Taught by Peter Michael Bauer

Tuesdays, November 1st-22nd || 7:00-9:00
Anna Bananas || 8716 N Lombard St.
Four weeks, $105 || Space is limited

Prerequisite: Rewilding 101 or familiarity with rewilding

Rewilding in Action takes rewilding from the theoretical to the practical. We will cover how to integrate the ideas and concepts of rewilding into your life personally, collectively + institutionally. We will work as a think-tank, beginning to paint the mosaic of rewilding + assessing how various actions contribute to a larger vision.

Rewilding 101 was the What and the Why. Rewilding 201 is the How. What to expect in class:

  • Focused discussion on advanced rewilding concepts
  • How can we break down barriers to rewilding?
  • Sharing ideas + strategies as a learning community
  • How can you rewild your everyday life?
  • Making concrete action plans

Week 1: Personal Rewilding
Learn what you can do to foster the rewilding renaissance, like what you can (or cannot) buy, what to plant in your yard + what you can change about your own life.

Week 2: Collective Rewilding, Above Ground
Some of the problems facing humanity are more easily solved in a group setting. Learn about actions like gardening + foraging in groups, raising children in cultural settings, networking, sharing resources + advocating for one another-by the letter of the law. 

Week 3: Collective Rewilding, Underground
If the rules are broken, should we have qualms about breaking them? If it's for the betterment of the planet? We'll talk about methods of resistance (like economic interference), direct action (like tree sits), poaching + all manner of legalities. We'll also discuss the implications and dangers that arise when ignoring the state in favor of rewilding. 

Week 4: Institutional Rewilding
How can institutions leverage the culture of rewilding in our favor by passing laws, partnering for permissions, transforming policy, providing public programming + more?

Peter Michael Bauer is is an environmental educator, author of the book Rewild or Die and founder of Rewild Portland.