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Arts + Literature


Drawing Plants

Using drawing as a way to explore urban flora, slow down to observe the details that make species unique. And learn some botany terminology and ecology along the way! You’ll leave with a series of works that are a record of your curiosity and observations.

Create Your Own Quest

Want to revive and pursue a dream that has faded? Discover ways to imbue your limited time on this planet with more joy, more meaning, and more connection. We will use TIME, ATTENTION, CONNECTION, and CURRENCY as constraints to help you create your own quest. Want to revive and pursue a dream that has faded? Whether you want to be more creative, more political, more spontaneous, more deliberate, or simply create a meaningful and lasting change, this class may be for you.

Love in the Time of Barbarians

Notions of love and it's depiction in art changed drastically during the transition from Classical Antiquity to the Medieval period. As waves of Germanic tribes swept through the western half of the Roman empire urban civilization, education standards and classical modes of artistic expression went into decline, Religions and philosophies clashed, and society was often in turmoil. This image based course will examine this transition, what was lost from the Classical past and what was preserved.