Hip Hop, Spoken Word, + Anti-Fascist Activism (January 2018)

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Hip Hop, Spoken Word, + Anti-Fascist Activism (January 2018)

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Find your activist voice

Do you have deep concerns about our social, political, economic realities? Do you want to develop your perspective and be more informed than media pundits and online trolls? You aren’t alone in these turbulent times. Together, we’ll take a critical look at society and find our voices through creative writing, an examination of history and hip hop culture, and dialogue.

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Dates: Mondays, January 8, 15, 22, 29
Time: 6pm-8pm
Location: Hatch || 2420 NE Sandy Blvd
$195 (individual rate). $295 (organization rate). Space limited to 25 students.

In this class, we’ll learn from veteran anti-fascist organizer Mic Crenshaw, who will open our eyes to what has been useful in the past, what can be effective now, and what mistakes we need to avoid in our activism. In honest discussions, we’ll explore the intersections between capitalism, the prison-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex, entertainment, and dominant culture. We’ll discover that hip hop and poetry are vital tools for staying conscious and empowered.

Let’s take a critical look at the time we live in and discuss the threats to our peace and safety. Together, we will explore the social, political, and economic realities we face in society through creative writing, history, hip hop culture, and dialogue. Collectively, we will explore questions, solutions, and possibilities for the future.

Week 1. Introduction, overview, dialogue. Critical context about this moment in history. Birth of hip hop and the death of the middle class.

Week 2. Deconstructing hip hop as a reflection of dominant culture. How to find rhythm and voice, and how to write in a 16-bar rap format. Rubble Kings documentary.

Week 3. Exploring local, national, international anti fascist praxis. Rap as poetry. Writing prompts and free writing. Sharing our work.

Week 4. Power of the word. Consciousness. Intent and politics of using hip hop and poetry as a tool and a weapon.

"I took the Hip Hop class with Mic Crenshaw and will forever hear and see Hip Hop performers in a new light. Mic helped me see a wonder at their insights and creativity, a respect for their musical talents, and a joy in how they entertain with meaning and fun. He did that by sharing his personal story, his knowledge of the history of hip hop, and sharing other hip hop artists music on video. Best of all for me, he challenged us to write our own hip hop songs. I am a proud hip hop artist with 4 songs in my repertoire." - Chrissy

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Mic Crenshaw was voted Portland’s Best Hip Hop Artist in 2016 and is one of the most respected artists in the Northwest. In addition to his highly acclaimed work in spoken word and rap, Mic co-founded GlobalFam and Education Without Borders to create and maintain a computer center for youth in Burundi, Africa. Over 400 people have received free training.