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Pricing + Generosity Policy


PUGSpdx believes that education is a human right. Economic equity, profit-sharing, and community are our fundamental values: 

Tuition is tied to the basic hourly wage. In Portland, a basic living wage is $15 an hour, so we charge $15 per class hour. If you see a PUGS course at a higher price than that, it's because of extra costs.

We profit with instructors, not from them. We pay our instructors 50% of profits. Profit-sharing is the fairest and most equitable way to run a business. 

More diverse classrooms are better for everyone. We give partial scholarships to people who need them. We ask people who can pay more to pay more. That is the essence of community. If you make more than 100% of median income ($26 an hour or $52,000 a year), consider contributing to the PUGS Scholarship Fund so that people of all incomes can come to class.  Click on the button below to make a contribution.

If you need a scholarship, email pugscoordinator<at> and tell us your economic situation + what you can comfortably afford to pay. As a general guideline, we ask that you pay at least either minimum wage ($9.25 per class hour) or 50% of full tuition.