PUGSpdx believes that education is a human right. That means for everyone. Economic equity, profit-sharing, and community are our fundamental values: 

Tuition is tied to the median Portland wage. The Portland median wage is $32 an hour or $64,000 a year. So we charge up to $32 per class hour. If you see a PUGS course at a higher price than that, it's because of extra costs.

We allow anyone to attend at the wage they earn. Again, we believe that everyone has the right to learn, no matter how much money you make. If you need discounted tuition to attend class, email pugscoordinator<at> and tell us your economic situation + what you can comfortably afford to pay. Generally, we ask that you pay at least either minimum wage ($11.25 per class hour, or $90 a course) or 50% of full tuition (at most $125 a course). 

We profit with instructors, not from them. Expertise deserves to be compensated. We pay our instructors 50% of profits. Profit-sharing is the fairest and most equitable way to run a business. 

We want the community to support the scholarship fund. Every month, we give about $1,000 in discounted tuition and waivers to people in need. If you can afford it, consider contributing to the PUGS Scholarship Fund so that instructors and PUGS gets compensated. We are committed to educational equity and classroom diversity and we hope you are too. Click on the button below to make a contribution.