The Importance of Wes Anderson

Taught by Arturo Martinini

Thursdays, June 9 - 30 || 7:00-8:30 pm
Marrow PDX || 7515 N Alma Ave.
Four weeks, $93 || Space is limited to 20 students.

The movies of Wes Anderson are the most vivid example of independent cinema in contemporary culture. His aesthetic and narrative techniques have created new filmic conventions that have revolutionized movie-going.

During this class, we will dissect the Wes Anderson Phenomenon, both technically and culturally. Students will watch Wes Anderson movies at home, and are encourages to host their own viewing get-togethers outside of class. Each participant will also design a Wes Anderson-inspired character to impersonate for a polaroid shoot during the last lesson.

In this class, you will

  • Learn how to analyze film

  • Gain an understanding of Anderson's cinematographic techniques and aesthetic choices

  • Create your own character

Week One: Rushmore!
Discuss the basics of movie analysis. Students will watch Rushmore! before class meets.

Week Two: Anderson's Body of Work
Analysis of Wes Anderson's filmography as a whole, including its evolution over time.

Week Three: Moonrise Kingdom
Discuss Wes Anderson's cinematography. Students will watch Moonrise Kingdom before class meets.

Week Four: Wes Anderson & The Millennial Aesthetic
We will theorize the relationship between Wes Anderson's movies and the visual trends of the millennials. Each student will produce a polaroid of their character.

Arturo Martinini is a Stop-Motion Animator, Performer, Puppeteer, Musician, Author and Teacher in Portland, OR