Staff knowledge and know-how are the most valuable resources in almost any company. Our popular PUGS@Work are offered during the workday to professionals trying to learn from practitioners, in community with other motivated people serious about their craft. Contact us if you want to want to bring any of these training to your organization. 

Diagnosing Employee Performance Problems (July 2017)
from 112.50

Addressing the Root Causes of Underperformance

It's time to think more expansively about employee performance gaps and think past the common go-tos of training and motivation. In this workshop, we'll break down employee performance problems from the ground up. We'll identify 18 environmental and individual causes of why employees underperform. By focusing on the causes, you can come up with better solutions to increase staff productivity.

How to Train Workshop (7/18/17)
from 100.00

Getting Serious about being a Learning Organization

It's time to get serious about professional development. Learning is how organizations create and convey culture and expertise. In fact, the vast majority of any organization is the knowledge, capabilities, and performance of its staff. This workshop is about how to effectively convert knowledge into employee performance and organizational results. 

Caring Confrontations in the Workplace (May 2017)

How to Handle Conflict to Build a More Empathetic Workplace

There is conflict in every workplace. We are mistakenly taught early on that we're supposed to check all personal items - egos, upsets, attitudes - at the door when we arrive at work. How do we create caring confrontations in the workplace that help us all grow?The inability to be our real selves in the workplace makes dealing with conflict even more difficult than it needs to be. This workshop gives tools to take back to your organization on how conflict between co-workers can become moments of growth and empathy for everyone. 

Managing Your Energy + Focus @ Work (June 2017)

Rising Above Overwhelm at the Office - Feel Better and Be More Productive at Work

Time is a finite resource, and most professionals today are pulled in many directions at once: there are emails we need to respond to, co-workers asking for input, meetings to attend, projects to manage, and much more. Despite our best efforts, it can start to feel like all the time-saving tricks in the world can’t help us. If we want to excel at work and enjoy being there, we have to take ownership of how we manage our energy and focus.