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Social Media Marketing

Taught by Maggie Summers, Social Media Strategist at Sparkloft Media (Instructor rating: 10)

WEDNESDAYS March 2, 16, 23, 30 (no class March 9)

Location: SE Uplift, 3534 SE Main St

Four weeks, $100.  Space limited to 20 students. Register here.

$40 scholarship donation is optional. The PUGS Scholarship Fund makes courses accessible to people at all income levels. See our Generosity Policy. If you need a scholarship, email

Are you a business or individual trying to reach new customers or broaden your audience? Today, the cheapest and most effective way to do so is through social media advertising because it allows you to target your desired audience with a specificity previously unimagined. Come learn how to increase your revenue, grow your audience, and amplify your messaging through social media. 

After we cover the current social media landscape, as well as best practices on each of those platforms, we'll focus on Facebook, the largest social network on the Internet, comprised of 1.4 billion users. Facebook ads have the lowest cost per impression in history. Case in point: To reach 1,000 people, the average Google AdWords user pays $2.75, the average LinkedIn user spends $0.75, and the average Facebook user shells out just $0.25.  Learn to deliver compelling Facebook ad campaigns to the right people at the right time. It's easier than you think, and the cost can yield significant results. 

Week 1: The Social Media Landscape. What does the social media landscape look like in 2016? What platforms are the best for my business? Where is my target audience? During this first class, we will take a look at the landscape and talk about best practices for each of the biggest social platforms. 

Week 2: Why Facebook? Why should I advertise on Facebook specifically? How does Instagram advertising work now? What are the different types of Facebook ads? How does advertising on Facebook work? We will learn the functionality and power of Facebook Ads Manager. 

Week 3: Targeting and Strategy. What are the targeting capabilities on Facebook? What are personas and how do I use them? How do I decide how to target my ads? We will walk through Facebook's targeting and segmenting capabilities. 

Week 4: Defining Success. How can I tell if my ads are performing well or if they performed well? How can I manage my ads on a daily basis to ensure success? We will look at Facebook's insights and reporting capabilities to determine success and to discern what we can learn about our target audience.