Tools and Techniques for Making Room for Everyone's Expertise

Facilitated by Douglas Tsoi, Founder of PUGS

Is your company fully realizing the talent and expertise of everyone at work? Studies show that in professional settings, men speak over women/non-male individuals.  A joint study by Princeton and Brigham Young University found that in mixed-gender meetings, men took up 75 percent of speaking time. Men have been taught to talk first and interrupt as assertions of dominance. At the same time, women have been conditioned not to enter conversations unless they’ve been invited, especially in group settings. Even in workplaces that seem to be diverse, these gender dynamics exist, hiding beneath the surface. The real world implications for the workplace productivity and employee satisfaction are enormous. 

This is a concrete, practical workshop for how to measure and then make room for everyone's voice to be heard. You'll get real world tools and techniques for how to artfully bring this issue to light in our workplaces. Among the possible solution is an optional implementation group that will continue to meet with the goal of actually changing our workplaces into more inclusive, effective organizations.

This is a 3 hour interactive workshopContact Douglas at portlandundergroundgradschool <at> gmail if you would like to bring this workshop to your own organization or host for a wider audience.

Douglas Tsoi is the founder of Portland Underground Grad School. He has also been a lawyer, and schoolteacher, amongst a few other careers. Before founding PUGS, he was Learning and Engagement Manager for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). His experience in running inclusive meetings includes his time as a teacher in a diverse classroom and as co-chair of the Portland Climate Action Plan Update Steering Committee.