Caring Confrontations in the Workplace (May 2017)


Caring Confrontations in the Workplace (May 2017)

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How to Handle Conflict to Build a More Empathetic Workplace

There is conflict in every workplace. We are mistakenly taught early on that we're supposed to check all personal items - egos, upsets, attitudes - at the door when we arrive at work. How do we create caring confrontations in the workplace that help us all grow?The inability to be our real selves in the workplace makes dealing with conflict even more difficult than it needs to be. This workshop gives tools to take back to your organization on how conflict between co-workers can become moments of growth and empathy for everyone. 

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May 16, 2017 || 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. 
Location: Xenium HR ||  7401 SW Washo Court, Suite 200, Tualatin 
Tuition: $90 self-paid rate, $125 organizational rate. 30 attendees max

Taught by Sasha Davies

The pervasive cultural concept of the professional versus personal creates problems in resolving conflicts in the workplace. We have created an idea of a separation between what happens at work from what happens in the rest of life. We learn straight away that we are to be different at work, that there is an act or air to be put on, and if we want to be successful, welcome, and acceptable in the workplace we need an impeccable act. There is a subtle implication here that the way that you are in your life would be problematic in the workplace.

This is the kind of thinking that creates obstacles to resolving workplace conflicts. We have conditioned ourselves to resist experiencing certain feelings; the things that we resist tend to persist. The inability to be our real selves in the workplace makes dealing with conflict in the workplace even more difficult than it needs to be.

Research shows that 60-80% of all difficulties in organizations stem from strained relationships between employees, not from deficits in individual employee’s skill or motivation. The typical manager spends 25-40% of his or her time dealing with workplace conflicts. That’s one to two days of every work week. 

In this workshop we will explore what it might be like if we were our whole selves rather than our "work selves" in the workplace.

We will:

  • Explore the value of confrontations in the workplace

  • Identify where we get stopped in having the conversations we want to be having at work

  • Learn how to identify, feel, and articulate our feelings in a professional setting.

  • Discuss what it looks like to cultivate an environment characterized by dignity and respect so that you can get the best possible results from challenging conversations

Sasha Davies owns and operates Clay Pigeon Winery and wine bar Cyril’s with her husband in SE Portland. She has spent the past decade plus working with cheese as a wholesaler, retailer, educator and author of two books–The Guide to West Coast Cheese and The Cheesemaker’s Apprentice. Owning a business in a labor-intensive industry not renown for its humanity, Sasha has thought a lot about how people treat and communicate with each other. For the last five years, she has tried to make Cyril's a workplace that works for every employee. For more, read this article