One-Day Workshops

New Manager's Course (October 2017)
from 200.00

Transitioning from individual contributor to manager

Being a manager requires a fresh mindset and different abilities than being an individual contributor. This course offers vital skills to managers who have been promoted in the last few years and don't have an MBA. 

Bitters-Making Workshop (September 2017)

How did bitters go from traditional digestive medicine to quirky cocktail ingredient? Reclaim ancestral digestive medicinal knowledge and make your own bitters in this hands-on workshop.

Creating Meditative Plant Art (September 2017)

We lead hectic, disconnected, and busy lives. Even when we are supposed to be relaxing it can feel like we're just trying to check something off our to-do list. Creating Meditative Plant Art is a practice for getting out of that "always-going," goal-oriented mode and slowing down to notice the Sacred in the ordinary all around you.