Inner Wisdom at Work (August 2018)

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Inner Wisdom at Work (August 2018)

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Making Better Business Decisions by Trusting Your Inner Resources

Can you make better business decisions by trusting your internal compass? There are a lot of books about making good business decisions, but most of them involve rationality, logic, and hard data. Those are good but there are other ways of knowing, ones that involve bringing more of you into your work. Often the most important decisions call for more than just reason or logic. They need the discernment of people fully paying attention to what’s inside.

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Date: Wednesday, August 15th
Time: 9 am - 12 pm
Location: SE Uplift | 3534 SE Main St. 

Large Organization or Business Pricing: $197
Small Organization or Nonprofit Pricing (less than 10 people): $97

This workshop is for business leaders and organizational managers wanting to learn how to access and use their inner compass at work. The Quaker clearness committee is a process of inner discernment from the Quakers, or the Religious Society of Friends. It's a method of bringing our inner resources to our professional lives. The clearness committee is based on the belief that within each of us is deep insight and integrity, accessible if we take the time, silence, and patience to hear it. Others help uncover that inner clarity by asking open, honest questions, without the desire to fix or advise us. According to Quaker writer Parker Palmer, “The function of the clearness committee is not to give advice or 'fix' people from the outside in but rather to help people remove the interference so that they can discover their own wisdom from the inside out.” 

In this workshop, we'll learn the Quaker clearness process and dive into practice. Each person will be the "focus person" of the process at least once. You’ll find the real core of an issue, or at least know the direction it is in. You'll get a clear feeling of how to move forward with strength and confidence. You'll also understand what a powerful practice asking clear, honest questions is. And you'll be able to bring this process back to your organization, helping others access their own inner wisdom. All of this is bringing more of YOU into your professional life. At its foundation, the clearness committee is based on a faith that you have the inner knowledge and wisdom to make good decisions, outside of external opinions and judgments.

The ability to make decisions with wisdom and integrity through quiet discernment is a tool that every manager or leader should have. If your business or organization is interested in developing leaders and managers with greater access to their inner resources, this short workshop is a powerful start.   

What previous participants have to say about Inner Wisdom At Work:

I had the experience of the Quaker clearness committee in a workshop led by Douglas. I found it to be tremendously helpful in figuring out a difficult professional challenge. My small group asked insightful and unbiased questions in the clearness committee and I began to see the problem in a whole new light. I highly recommend this process. - Emily Barrosse


Douglas Tsoi is the founder of PUGS and a Quaker. For a number of years, he was a faculty member at George School, a Quaker boarding school in Pennsylvania. There he was chair of the Discipline Committee, as well as a teacher and a coach. Douglas was also a member of the American Friends Service Committee's (AFSC) Nobel Peace Prize Nominating Committee. He has workshopped Quaker clearness committees to help business people make difficult decisions with wisdom, purpose, and integrity.