Saturday, January 21st || 10am- 4pm
SE Uplift || 3534 SE Main St.
$65 || $95 if using professional development funds
Space is limited to 20 students.

Teaching is one of life's fundamental skills, as well as one of life's great joys. What sex is to genes, teaching is to knowledge, values, and culture: it's the only way we humans can pass it on.

Some people think that they are good at teaching because they know a lot + know how to talk about it. Others think they can't teach because they're nervous about being in front of people or they have trouble explaining things. But teaching isn't about content delivery. It's about sparking the desire + ability in others to learn the content without you

This class is for anyone who wants the skillset to effectively share their knowledge with others. It is for anyone to wants to advance professionally, be a better parent, or lead an intellectually-fulfilled life. Those interested in eventually teaching at PUGSpdx are encouraged to attend.

Subjects include:

  1. Telling Ain't Teaching. Five Steps to Instructional Design

  2. Dialogue, Facilitation, and Learning

  3. Entrepreneurial Learners and the Future of Education

Instructor DOUGLAS TSOI, founder of PUGSpdx

Instructor DOUGLAS TSOI, founder of PUGSpdx