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Science + Social Science

science + Social science

What Health Science Research Should I Trust?

We are bombarded with claims that medications, special diets, equipment, and personal treatments can improve our health, looks, and lifespan.  How can we wade through it and end up with something useful?  This class will cover basic concepts and methods, offering guidelines on how to evaluate what’s out there, tips on spotting bad science, and maybe even some insight into how our brains work.

How to Teach Workshop

Teaching is a fundamental life skill. What sex is to genes, teaching is to culture --it's the only way we humans pass it on. Want to learn how to do it well? Subjects include communicating so people understand, designing great curriculum, and facilitating dialogue in the classroom. 

Drawing Plants

Observation drawing has a special way of grounding us in the present moment. Meet some intriguing and subtle late winter plants of Portland and learn their stories. Using drawing as a way to explore urban flora, slow down to observe the details that make species unique. Use simple tools—pencil, ink, and paper—to explore the beauty of the nature all around us in midwinter. You’ll leave with a series of works that are a record of your curiosity and observations.