Genetics, Genomics + Genethics

Taught by Asia Mitch and Elenora Jarez

What are the biological, medical, and social impact of genes and the processes they regulate? This four-week course will cover the science of genetics and disease, and the real world implications of predicting or estimating disease risk by way of knowing your genetic code. We will also discuss the methods, policies, and controversies involved in genetic testing. Appropriate for any adult with who has taken high-school level biology and chemistry. Space is limited to 25 students.

Week 1: Introduction into genetics -- overview of Mendelian disorders and complex genetic disorders.

Week 2: DNA Repair, Damage, and UV Exposure -- how environment factors can change your genetic code and the internal mechanisms that exist to repair these changes.

Week 3: On/off switches -- gene expression in relation to disease.

Week 4: Genetics and Ethics -- methods and applications of genetic testing. How much information does a genetic test provide in understanding the risk or susceptibility to disease?

Asia Mitch and Elenora Jarez are PhD candiates in Molecular and Medical Genetics at OHSU.