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Electricity powers everything around us. Computers and electronics have changed our behavior so dramatically that it's difficult to understand how we were before it. Do you know how to control electricity? In this course, we will offer hands-on projects so you can learn how electricity works in your computer, vehicle and home. You'll learn some cool electronic things that you can build easily and cheaply. Lastly, we'll discuss a larger question: the ways in which electronics control us.

Week 1: Tear apart and re-build solar lamps.

Week 2: Introduction to Arduino, the world's #1 open source micro-controller (If you don't know what that means, you'll learn!).

Week 3: Use Arduino to power LEDs and motors.

Week 4: Build a speaker amplifier powered by a 9V battery.

Anton Bilbaeno is a professional Electrical Engineer and teacher of electronics. He is on a mission to spread knowledge and lower the barrier for everyone to be users of electricity, not just consumers.

* We were able to offer this course at about 70% off our usual rate, thanks to a generous grant from Cinder Staffing.

Photo: black-circuit-raw-master1, courtesy of Stallio via Creative Commons.