Intro to Small Business Bookkeeping: Taking the Fear out of the Numbers (August 2019)


Intro to Small Business Bookkeeping: Taking the Fear out of the Numbers (August 2019)

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Not just for small business owners, this introductory workshop will provide an overview of bookkeeping for any small organization. Understand the numbers, become familiar with bookkeeping, and leverage technology to avoid the headache. No previous knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting is necessary.

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Date: Tuesday, August 27th
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: SE Uplift | 3534 SE Main St. 

Large Organization or Business Pricing: $149 
Small Organization or Nonprofit Pricing (less than 10 people): $99

In this workshop, you'll conquer some of the fear often associated with bookkeeping and accounting. You'll start by getting an overview of bookkeeping and accounting, what it means, and how it's used. We'll then learn the importance of good bookkeeping and how it can help your organization be successful. You'll have a chance to learn common accounting terminology and gain confidence in being better able to speak and understand the lingo. You'll also get an overview of how to record basic business transactions and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls in recording transactions incorrectly.

Finally, you'll learn that bookkeeping and accounting is not as archaic as it once was! You'll get a glimpse into some of the best tools out there and learn how to get the machines to do most of the work for you. Technology can be an amazing thing and you'll learn how to utilize it to avoid doing all the work yourself.

This workshop is for: Small business owners and small nonprofit executives and board members.
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Tiffany Vergara is the Managing Director of Green Owl Consulting, a Portland-based company that provides accounting, HR, and consulting services to organizations focused on social good. Centering racial equity and social justice, Tiffany enjoys finding new and creative ways to make a system, a team, or an organization run more efficiently and effectively. Leveraging her 15+ years of experience, she loves helping organizations build a solid operational foundation so that they're empowered to go out and do good well.

Tiffany holds a B.S. in Accounting from San Francisco State University and an M.A. in Social Entrepreneurship & Change from Pepperdine University. She loves to learn, bake, dance, and travel and can usually be found singing at her desk.

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