Class, Race and the Urban Landscape: Four Walking Conversations (September 2017)

From its foundation as a small, speculative settlement along the Willamette to the current gentrification and redevelopment controversies today, Portland’s urban landscape is ever-changing. Considering race and class in each gathering, this course will feature four walking conversations on the built environment of our urban landscape and how Portland came to look the way it does. Leave the course with a richer understanding of Portland’s history and the ability to further investigate how race, class, and urban development have been shaped into what it is today.

Public Lands Under Attack: Their History and Your Role Today (August 2017)

How can we protect our public lands? From the Trump Administration to the Far Right militants who occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Reserve in 2016, our public lands are under threat like never before.


Portland in Transition

Once again our urban landscape is in a period of great transition. Acquire the tools to talk about our architectural past and identify the styles which define it. Explore the urban environment and forensically examine its history. Discuss examples of old and contemporary buildings. Share your thoughts and opinions about them, and hear what others have to say. Second session is a walking tour downtown.

South of the North

Despite Oregon’s progressive and forward thinking reputation, our history tells another story – indeed, many refer to Oregon as the South of the North, as we have historically embraced segregation, exclusion and displacement. This course tells of the extraordinary ways that white people worked to build and maintain our power in the state. Through this class, we will look at how Oregon’s whiteness, historically and today, has created this reality.

Drawing Plants

Meet some intriguing plants of Portland and learn their stories. Using drawing as a way to explore urban flora, slow down to observe the details that make species unique. And learn some botany terminology and ecology along the way! You’ll leave with a series of works that are a record of your curiosity and observations.