Life Transitions: How to build a life around your goals (August 2019)


Life Transitions: How to build a life around your goals (August 2019)

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Terence McKenna said, “If you don’t have a plan, you become part of somebody else’s plan.” What are your dreams, big or small? What’s your plan to achieve them?

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Date: Wednesdays, August 7, 14, 21, 28
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Location: SE Uplift | 3534 SE Main St.

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Are you making a life transition? Are you changing careers, going back to school, retiring, or going through a divorce? Are you just starting out in adulthood, trying to figure out your first steps as you build your future? Are you forging a new identity, or even reuniting with the self you’ve been all along?

As you make this transition into the next phase of your life, who is the new you that you want to become? What do you want to accomplish in your new life and how will you achieve your goals?

In this class, you will explore your values, character strengths, career interests, and worldviews through a series of journaling exercises and self-awareness activities. You will discover how to use your strengths and interests to identify three life goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) and how to identify incremental milestones and outcomes to help you gauge your progress. You will learn about how your mindset impacts your ability to achieve your goals and you will develop tips and tricks for building a happy life. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of yourself, your values, and your goals, with milestones laid out in a plan for the next five years.

Week 1: Goal Setting as a Revolutionary Act
Week 2: How to Build the Mindsets for Success
Week 3: SMART Goals for Smarty Pantses
Week 4: Oh, the Places You’ll Go -OR- Big Chaos Magick (class choice)

Banner photo credit: Sravan Nunna

This course is for: Anyone facing a transition, whether it relates to health, family, career, or personal.


Dr Liz Gilkey has 15 years of experience in educational research conducting studies around the social and emotional skills and dispositions that predict success in college, careers, and life; these are traits like self-efficacy, persistence, communication, and metacognition. After getting hip surgery, divorced, and changing careers all at once she went through a process of rediscovering herself, her passions, and her dreams. Liz is looking forward to sharing with the PUGS community many of the same research-based and common sense strategies for building a purposeful life that she used when she went through her own transition and built her new life around her dreams.