Fight complacency. Never stop learning. Education is about empowerment: your ability to make change. Change in yourself, change in others. The only way to pursue your goals, dreams, and values, to make a difference to others, is to keep learning. 

Get knowledge and empowerment at Portland Underground Grad School. Come learn in diverse, live, and interactive classes, from expert instructors, with other interesting, inquisitive Portlanders.

PUGS is for people who are motivated to improve themselves and their communities. We believe people can grow into who they want to be, and make a contribution to the world. We're here for people willing to do the work.

We stand by the right for everyone to learn and grow throughout their entire lives. People of all incomes are welcome through our Pricing and Generosity Policy. If your goal in life is to always become more aware, committed, creative, effective, fulfilled, improving, incisive, independent, informed, insightful, and resilient, come take a course with us. The world needs you. Never stop learning.


"PUGS offers courses that I've never seen anywhere else - thought-provoking, creative, unique, innovative and really inspirational." - Melea Seward

"PUGS has allowed me to stimulate my mind outside of its usual confines. I have learned so much, and more important, spent more time thinking about my world in new ways." - Will Fain

"Stimulated introspection. Valuable, paradigm-shifting information." - Betty Brickson