Non-Profit Board Fundamentals (September 2018)

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Non-Profit Board Fundamentals (September 2018)

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Making Sense of Budgeting, Transparency, and Accountability

There are many reasons you may join a nonprofit board—love of the mission, a desire to give back to the community, or an interest in using your skills in a meaningful way. This workshop will help you understand how to read nonprofit financial reports and set you on the path to being a more confident, effective board member.

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Date: Monday, September 17th
Time: 6-9 pm
Location: HatchLab PDX | 2420 NE Sandy Blvd.

Tier A Pricing: $120 ($30/hr or above wage earners)
Tier B Pricing: $90 ($16-29/hr wage earners)
Tier C Pricing: $60 ($15/hr or below wage earners)
See our Pricing + Generosity Policy for more information on tiered pricing.

You are committing to join the board of a nonprofit because you want to do all you can to further a mission that matters. As a board member, you have the chance to use all your skills, experience, and connections to meaningfully contribute to communities you care most about. While budget reports and fiscal oversight may not have been the top of your list of reasons to join the board, they are at the top of your list of legal responsibilities as a board member. 

This 3-hour workshop is designed to get you prepared to be the best nonprofit board member you can be. We'll cut through the BS (balance sheet) and get to what a board financial packet really IS (income statement). Get the 411 on the 990 and prepare yourself for joyously diligent board service. In this workshop, you can expect to learn:

  • What a nonprofit board member’s fiduciary responsibilities are;

  • How nonprofit budgets differ from other kinds of budgets;

  • Questions to ask yourself and others when looking over reports; and

  • Thoughts to consider when looking at fun things, like internal controls and financial manuals and whistleblower policies (oh my!).

The goal of this workshop is to help everyone go from “Yuk!” to “Yeah!” When it comes to nonprofit financials. 

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Steph Routh has 20 years of professional experience encompassing organizational development, policy research and advocacy, program planning and implementation, curriculum creation, communications, and fundraising. She served as the first Executive Director of Oregon Walks and co-founded two nonprofit organizations. She is passionate about removing barriers to opportunities and building powerful teams in collaboration with dedicated people in pursuit of improbable, meaningful goals.