JOIN US FOR pugsfest 2017!

PUGSfest 2017 - A gathering of the 80 smartest people you know
from 49.00

It's officially a tradition: the epic PUGS learning party is back for its sophomore year!

PUGSfest is a full-day of taster workshops from some of Portland's most brilliant minds. This year's theme is: SPACE/SPACES:

"Spaces in between, spaces outside. Spaces of resistance. Spaces delineated. Spaces undefined. Outer space. We fight for it and we destroy it. Space's pervasiveness and invisibility make it ripe for investigation."

Your Ticket to Fun:
Your Ticket to Fun

When: Saturday, April 22
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Where: Taborspace
5441 SE Belmont St.
How much: $49 (after 4/17 late reg = $59)

How does PUGSfest work?

On April 22, a dozen speakers pitch their ideas -- 3 minutes each -- and you (as a participant) choose 4 one-hour sessions that you want to attend throughout the day.

I had been curious about PUGS for a while, but hadn’t yet taken the plunge. PUGSfest was a great introduction and the best way to see what PUGS is all about. It was inspiring to be surrounded by so many other intellectual and passionate people. Wish I could have attended every single workshop.
— PUGSfest 2016 attendee


Thanks to our sponsor, Fully, as part of your PUGSfest ticket purchase, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a free Jarvis Adjustable Height Standing Desk.


Registration + Coffee + Socializing || Dining room

Opening + Presenter Pitches || Dining Room


Session ONE

Jordan Fink, EARTH DAY: Repairing the Climate with Soil - from Home to Planet || ArtsSpace

David Kahl, THE BODY: How to Show Up Fully at your Workspace || Annex

Maggie Summers, THE MIND: Truth in the Social Space - Fake News, Social Feeds + the Echo Chamber || Muir Hall

Bring Your Own or visit our Food Truck Options

Session TWO

Jeff Rubin, THE BODY: “Save Yourself a Space - Self-Preservation Doesn’t Require a Cocoon” || Annex 

Taylor Steele, EARTH DAY: How Maps Can Lie || ArtsSpace

Shawn Small, THE MIND: Outer Space is Closer than You Think || Muir Hall

John Doyle, The Forensics of Portland Architecture || Walking tour || Meet outside Taborspace entrance


Session THREE

Peter Michael Bauer, EARTH DAY: Wild Spaces - Past and Present Autonomous Zones Within the United States Empire || ArtsSpace

Sasha Davies, THE BODY: Caring Confrontations in the Workplace || Annex

Wendy Willis, THE MIND: Civic Loneliness - Today's Politics and the Space between Us|| Muir Hall

Viva Las Vegas, RESISTANCEStrip Stages - Spaces of Resistance, Healing, + Power. || Copeland Commons


Closing Session

Douglas Tsoi, Maps as Social Objects || Copeland Commons