PUGS Statement of Resistance
Our next four years


We officially announce that PUGS is a center of resistance.

In the next four years, ongoing civic education will play a critical role in organizing effective resistance. Uninformed action produces ineffective or counterproductive activism. Posting things on Facebook is simply armchair activism. PUGS will be a center of praxis—a place of theory, action, and reflection—for the principles we want to preserve and the future we want to build.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

We’re hashtagging our efforts #weresist. Any oppressive system needs a divided and ill-informed opposition. It needs people to feel alone and isolated. Resistance has to be broad-based, supportive, and communal. PUGS is pro social justice: pro-woman, pro-sexual and gender minorities, pro-immigrant, pro-people of color, and pro-future generations. We are pro-privacy, freedom of speech, and the right of peaceful assembly. We are anti-discrimination, anti-income inequality, and anti-corporate control of our political system. But we don’t do it alone. #weresist together.

We look back at history to slavery/apartheid/the Holocaust/Japanese-American internment and see certain institutions and people took a stand. Others did not. Now is one of those times. #weresist. Will you join us? Sign up for an upcoming course (particularly the social justice ones) and join our collective efforts. 

January 2017