Amanda Rain on the Power of Effective Communication

PUGS course you’re teaching and why:

The Art of Effective Communication is designed to bring students through an experience of discovering their most bold and unspeakable self while empowering their self-expression to fuel their lives.  Communication is the external expression of our internal world, therefore it is simultaneously a process of internal self-growth, training to build capacity and competency, and strategy to be fully self-expressed while honoring the interconnectedness of our relationships.

I teach this course because we are in a time of intense transformation.  The stakes are high and our ability to be effective in our relationships, professions, and lives is critical.  Communication is the foundation of our ability to connect as humans.  We commonly lose immense energy to miscommunications, poor language choices, projections, assumptions, and other unhealthy communication patterns.  In order for us to truly make the shifts that are needed to transform our lives and world, we must transform our communication to foster respect, compassion, and success. 

Who’s the target audience of this class

People who desire…

·       A strategy tool box for communicating more effectively

·       Confidence in speaking

·       Professional success

·       Healthy relationships

·       Co-empowerment in our interconnected world

Join us in October to cultivate the power of your voice, strengthen your relationships, and transform your life and business. 

Best thing about PUGS:

At a time when higher education institutions are becoming increasingly inaccessible, PUGS is providing access to valuable knowledge and skill building to support a thriving community of learners.  We need people who are continually building capacity and honing skills to have greater positive impact on the world we are co-habiting.  PUGS makes this possible and is an invaluable resource to the Portland community.

I care about lifelong learning because:

Lifelong learning is a way to stay young, keep the mind fresh, and continue to evolve.  There is always value in learning new skills, tools, and understandings that improve our lives.  May we be the half-full cups that has wisdom to share and a willingness to learn and grow.