Intro to Heirloom Apples (November 2018)


Intro to Heirloom Apples (November 2018)

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The Oregon Apple Story

Most of us know only a few types of apples: Gala, Fuji, McIntosh, Granny Smith, Honey Crisp, Red Delicious. But there are thousands and thousands of varieties of apples in the world. Lucky for us, the Botner Apple Collection in Yoncalla, Oregon has the largest private collection of heirloom apple trees in the United States - nearly 4,000 of them. This class will connect you with some of the apples from the Temperate Orchard Conservancy, the caretaker of the Botner Collection. Take this class if you who enjoy new tastes, flavors, and stories related to things we eat; learn why we should care for these varieties and what we can do to ensure more unique, delicious varieties of apples are available.

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Date: Saturday, November 3rd
Time: 2-4 pm
Location: SE Uplift | 3534 SE Main St.

Tier A Pricing: $40 ($30/hr or above wage earners)
Tier B Pricing: $30 ($16-29/hr wage earners)
Tier C Pricing: $20 ($15/hr or below wage earners)

If you have ever asked “How many types of apples are there?” “Why do I see only Galas and Granny Smiths in the store?” or “What is the history of the apple anyway?”; if you were ever curious about different varieties of crops, their diversity, or why this diversity is important for us to have apples for the future, then this course is for you. If you like stories about crops and people who strive to bring change to their communities, this course if for you. And if you simply love apples, want to learn about their history, and want to eat wonderful, rare varietals, this course is for you.

In this course, we’ll learn a bit about the history of apples, the history of the Botner Apple Collection and the work of Temperate Orchard Conservancy in stewarding that collection, and we’ll taste some wondrous apples.


Dr. Neeraja Havaligi is a biodiversity geek. She loves to understand crops, our relationships with them, how we have co-evolved with them, and how we are forgetting this relationship by forgetting our stories with them.