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Bake the Grain-Bow (June 2017)

June 2017 Courses

Bake the Grain-Bow (June 2017)

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SB day two 12 adc pastry scape.jpg
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Bake the Grain-Bow (June 2017)


Introducing Local, Whole Grains into the Regional Food System, Your Kitchen, and Your Belly

Bread is agriculture. But when you enjoy a slice of bread, a bowl of pasta, or a glass of beer, how often do you consider the farmer, the soil, the seed behind these foods? In this hands-on, kitchen-centered class, you'll learn about the role wheat and other grains play in Oregon's agricultural landscape; their function in baked goods; and how you can enhance the flavor, texture, color, and nutrition of your baked goods by "baking the grainbow". This course is ideal for home-bakers or professionals looking to build a relationship with whole grains; foodies who want to impress their friends; nerds; and craftspeople.

Register Now

Tuesdays, June 6th, 13th, 20th || 6-8 pm
Seastar Bakery + Handsome Pizza
|| 1603 NE Killingsworth
$120 || Price includes both instruction & materials costs

Taught by Annie Moss

Workshop #1: Intro to regional grains. We'll look at wheat/grain botany; the role of grains in Oregon agriculture; and "re-localizing" the grains system. We'll dive into the nutritional and functional components of wheat and grains, and consider whole grains as an alternative to white flour.

Workshop #2: Why use local grains? We'll explore the color, texture, and flavor potential of different varieties. As a class, we'll make simple (but delicious!) crackers using different grains. We'll do a grains tasting, using a flavor wheel, and develop as a group a sense for the different characteristics of a variety of grains and flours.

Workshop #3: Bake the grainbow! In this class, we'll bake a few recipes and develop some strategies for how to best incorporate whole grains into pastry and breads. Hands-on!

Annie Moss is co-owner and pastry chef at Seastar Bakery + Handsome Pizza. She has worked to develop local and regional food systems on both the East and West coasts. From co-operating a social justice-focused urban farm in the Bronx to managing the first bakery in Portland to use entirely locally-grown, house-milled grains, Annie has spent the last decade exploring the nexus of politics, food, social justice, and community. She is a huge grain nerd, and hopes you'll become one, too.