Mondays, January 9th-30th || 6:30-8:30 pm
Hatch Innovation || 2420 NE Sandy Blvd.
Four weeks, $120 || Space is limited to 20 students.

There is only one person responsible for your financial health: you. Become the CFO for your life. In this course, we'll talk about the seven levels of financial maturity, from financial dependence or living paycheck to paycheck, to saving minimally and lastly, having financial freedom. Most people live their lives unconscious about money and because of that, live in financial fragility. We'll explore the influence the hidden assumptions of consumption and debt in our capitalist system and help you reclaim ownership of how you spend your time + your energy. 

We'll talk about the reasons to work towards financial independence: freedom from worry, freedom from the consumer machine, being able to truly live out your sense of purpose. Ultimately it's about feeling in control of your life and where you want to go with it. In class, you'll write your financial manifesto, and make a plan on how to execute it. Special topics include budgeting, investing, and how intimate relationships affect the way you treat money. 

Week 1: Understanding Money
We'll start with a simple idea: the personal savings rate and how it affects how many years you have to work. We'll discuss our internal assumptions about money and how they dramatically influence our lives. 

Week 2: Minding the Gap: Consumption + Income
Taking control of your financial situation means controlling two basic things: your spending + your production. We'll talk about the profound implications behind taking control of both.

Week 3: Writing Your Manifesto
An oppressive system requires the consent of the governed. We'll talk about yours. No matter where you are on the path, working towards financial independence means taking back control of your life. 

Week 4: Making a Plan
This last session will be about the nuts-and-bolts of financial independence. How are you going to achieve it, what obstacles do you anticipate + what are some ways to address them?

Douglas Tsoi, JD, has been a lawyer, schoolteacher, and climate change activist. He is also the founder of PUGS. For the last twenty years, he saved half of his salary, earning him financial freedom to do what he wants with his time. Which is, of course, running PUGS.