Make this your summer of rejuvenation! Take a PUGS course and open your life to more understanding, connection, wonder, and joy.

Intro to Small Business Bookkeeping: Taking the Fear out of the Numbers (August 2019)
from 99.00

Not just for small business owners, this introductory workshop will provide an overview of bookkeeping for any small organization. Understand the numbers, become familiar with bookkeeping, and leverage technology to avoid the headache. No previous knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting is necessary.

Resilient Hearts in Times of Collapse: The Art of Self-Regulation and Navigating Complex Trauma in Community (September 2019)
from 99.00

Our focus is on what happens in our bodies as we try to adapt to widespread systemic oppression and environmental degradation. Together we will be engaging in self-inquiry and practices to support us in regulating our nervous systems, understanding the trauma each of us carries, and expanding our capacity to stay relational amidst overwhelming crisis.