Take a PUGS course and open your life to more understanding, connection, wonder, and joy.

Financial Freedom 1 (October 2019)
from 197.00

Financial freedom is the ability to do what you want with your time, attention, and energy without having to worry about money.

People's History of Oregon: Constructing White Supremacy in our State (October 2019)
from 99.00

Despite Oregon’s progressive and forward thinking reputation, our history tells another story. Students in this course will spend four weeks delving into this history and current realities, and will develop deeper understanding of how Oregon’s whiteness, historically and today, has been created.

Decoding Plants (October 2019)
from 99.00

Seeing Urban Flora with New Eyes

Deepen your connection with the place we live by tuning in to the world of plants. Understanding the species we share our home with positions us to be advocates for conservation and offers tools for reimagining our relationships to nature.

Improv for Transformation (October 2019)
from 99.00

Changing Your Mindset Through Improv

Take a chance with this fun and transformative course in improv theatre. Using the skills of improv, we will enhance our lives by improving our spontaneity, mindfulness, risk taking, and surrendering.

The Art of Memoir: Exploring and Telling Your Own Story (October 2019)
from 99.00

What's your story? That's never an easy question to answer, so this course will help guide you through the process — and give you the tools to turn that story into a polished memoir.