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Testimonials about PUGS


"PUGS has reawakened my dormant desire to LEARN." - Sara G.

"PUGS offers courses that I've never seen anywhere else - thought-provoking, creative, unique, innovative and really inspirational." - Melea S.

"Stimulated introspection. Valuable, paradigm-shifting information." - Betty B.

"It's more accessible for learning than traditional school or learning spaces." - Justin B.

"PUGS has allowed me to stimulate my mind outside of its usual confines. I have learned so much and more important, spent more time thinking about my world in new ways." - Will Fain

"Comfort, community, great caring people, insight, education" - Judy L.

"PUGS has given me community, change within myself, opening new doors, rethinking my past education, friendships and complexity." - Jen A.

"What value! Exposure to new ideas, opportunities to think about how to be a better Portlander, exposure to the wisdom and activism that is alive in Portland!" - Lindsay B.

"It's been so helpful in organizing next steps in my life." - Beth S.

"I value the open discussion with people who have had various experiences, ideas, and approaches to interacting with the world." - Mark F.