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Social Justice

Social Justice Courses

The Failure of Environmentalism (May 2017)

The environmental movement is failing to cope with our modern system of global capitalism and consumption. This course will explore some of the root causes of this, examining the origins of our environmental ethos, the ways in which it has been packaged and marketed by mainstream environmental organizations, and the movement's inability to acknowledge and address the culture war over core values and a vision for the future. 

Critical Masculinities (May 2017)

"Hegemonic Masculinity" and the Rise of Donald Trump

Is masculinity currently in crisis? What about men, are they in crisis? Has feminism, post-industrialization, or globalization put an end the reign of “real men” in America? What is a “real man,” anyway?

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Image of Woman

Images of Woman: Evolution of the Female Form in Art

This image-based course traces the evolution of the female form from prehistory up to the Renaissance with a focus on how the representations of women emerge, develop, and transition from one era to the next.

Food Workers Resist

Proceeds from Food Workers Resist will be donated to Immigrant Rights Community Organization (, an organization that provides services throughout Portland for newly arrived refugees and immigrants. 


Mass Incarceration & the War on Drugs (June 2017)

Understanding and Moving Beyond the Current Prison Crisis

The US incarcerates more people per capita than any other country in the world, and incarceration is acutely and disproportionately concentrated among communities of color. This course provides a substantive overview of what has become known as mass incarceration – the dramatic expansion of the US prison system over the past 40 years. Learn about mass incarceration’s history, scope, and impact; its connections to the War on Drugs and the legacy of slavery; and the exciting movements and strategies being deployed to dismantle it.

Caring Confrontations in the Workplace (May 2017)

How to Handle Conflict to Build a More Empathetic Workplace

There is conflict in every workplace. We are mistakenly taught early on that we're supposed to check all personal items - egos, upsets, attitudes - at the door when we arrive at work. How do we create caring confrontations in the workplace that help us all grow?The inability to be our real selves in the workplace makes dealing with conflict even more difficult than it needs to be. This workshop gives tools to take back to your organization on how conflict between co-workers can become moments of growth and empathy for everyone. 

A People's History of Oregon

Whiteness and Power

Taught by Kristin Teigen

Despite Oregon’s progressive and forward thinking reputation, our history tells another story – indeed, many refer to Oregon as the South of the North, as we have historically embraced segregation, exclusion and displacement. Through this class, we will look at how Oregon’s whiteness, historically and today, has created this reality.

Transgender Education + Advocacy Workshop

Understand Identity to Become a Better Ally

Taught by Basic Rights Oregon

Transgender people face discrimination and danger unlike any other marginalized community. Learn key concepts and understand how trans identities intersect with the LGBT and POC communities to become a better ally.

Talking Across the Political Chasm

How to Listen + Talk In Divisive Times

For many of us, the election results felt deeply personal. We responded with anger, but we must redirect our attention. This course will give you cathartic doses of direct action and a chance to shift the system, through effective communication across the political divide.

What Now? Organize.

Taught by Natalie Sept

Worried about the future, post-election? Concerned about your civil rights and rights and safety of others? This course provides a framework for how to organize and create momentum for social justice in their community.

What Health Science Research Should I Trust?

Good Science for Better Health

Taught by Jeff Rubin

We are bombarded with claims that medications, special diets, equipment, and personal treatments can improve our health, looks, and lifespan.  How can we wade through it and end up with something useful?