Heal from Math Anxiety (September 2018)


Heal from Math Anxiety (September 2018)

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Rediscover Your Curiosity with Math

When you hear about math, how do you feel? Nervous, disgusted, bored? Why does this topic have such a strong negative effect on certain people? In this course, we will develop a greater understanding of math anxiety and start healing! Forget about "plugging and chugging" while your palms get sweaty; get ready to unlock a whole new way of thinking about the world around you.

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Date: September 1st - September 30th (Registration closes September 2nd)
Tier A Pricing: $120 ($30/hr or above wage earners)
Tier B Pricing: $90 ($16-$29/hr wage earners)
Tier C Pricing: $60 ($15/hr or below wage earners)
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This is an online course which will be semi self-paced and will span one month. Students will be collaborating a little bit together, and therefore, you will be expected to complete lessons within a certain time frame. Expect to commit about 2 hours per week for 4 weeks.

Math anxiety affects many people in varying degrees. Some get shut out of math at an early age due to several factors including gender and cultural stereotypes, failure of educators to accommodate diverse learning styles, and fundamental disadvantages with using the English language. Others "perform" well enough, but continue to feel anxiety, either grappling with the impostor syndrome or realizing gaping holes in their mathematical knowledge.

Math anxiety is one major contributor to the socially acceptable hatred and indifference of math broadly speaking, from algebra and geometry to reasoning, finances, and spatial awareness. Being incompetent and/or anxious with math can shut out opportunities to grow professionally and personally, and ultimately subjects people to exploitation. Overcoming math anxiety individually leads to personal empowerment. Overcoming math anxiety as a society leads to greater social justice.

This course is for you if you feel like you may have math anxiety and want to take steps to heal and harness a "growth mindset" attitude towards learning. This is the time to rediscover your innate curiosity to understand the world using the power of mathematical reasoning. 

This course is divided into three sections. We will cover:

Understanding Math Anxiety - what are common reasons why people develop math anxiety and how can you use this knowledge to address your own anxiety (September 1 - 9)

Foundations of Mathematical Thinking - learn about indicators of mathematical success and start strengthening these skills (September 10 - 16)

Becoming Math Curious - unleash your curiosity and ability to explore the world through a mathematical lens, both individually and with your peers! (September 17-30)

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Sara Geonczy has struggled with her own math anxiety and has spent quite a bit of time and effort in figuring out how to overcome this mental barrier. She had the opportunity to teach a similar course through PUGS a couple of years ago (entitled "Experiential Math") and is using that experience to improve the effectiveness of addressing math anxiety through an online platform! No longer scared of math, she is finally pursuing her dream to be a scientist and will be starting a PhD program in Soils and Biogeochemistry this fall.