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Personal Empowerment

Personal empowerment

DIY Magic: Increase Your Creativity (August 2017)

This class is about how you can reach deeper levels of creativity with techniques from magic and esoteric traditions. It's a modern and playful take on magic, designed for artists and anyone else who wants to be more creatively engaged with the world around them. Innovative thinkers have long used unusual and magical ways of thinking to approach inspiration—from Leonardo Da Vinci to David Bowie.

Creating Meditative Plant Art (September 2017)

We lead hectic, disconnected, and busy lives. Even when we are supposed to be relaxing it can feel like we're just trying to check something off our to-do list. Creating Meditative Plant Art is a practice for getting out of that "always-going," goal-oriented mode and slowing down to notice the Sacred in the ordinary all around you.

Creating Meditative Plant Art (July 2017)

We lead hectic, disconnected, and busy lives. Even when we are supposed to be relaxing it can feel like we're just trying to check something off our to-do list. Creating Meditative Plant Art is a practice for getting out of that "always-going", goal-oriented mode and slowing down to notice the Sacred in the ordinary all around you.

Improv for Transformation (July 2017)

Changing Your Mindset Through Improv

In this fun + interactive course, we will use the skills of improv theatre for navigating + enhancing real life. We will explore topics such as spontaneity, mindfulness, risk taking, + surrendering.

Decoding Plants (July 2017)
from 120.00

Seeing Urban Flora with New Eyes

Deepen your connection with the place we live by tuning in to the world of plants. Understanding the species we share our home with positions us to be advocates for conservation and offers tools for reimagining our relationships to nature.

Bake the Grain-Bow (June 2017)

Introducing Local, Whole Grains into the Regional Food System, Your Kitchen, and Your Belly

Bread is agriculture. But when you enjoy a slice of bread, a bowl of pasta, or a glass of beer, how often do you consider the farmer, the soil, the seed behind these foods? In this hands-on, kitchen-centered class, you'll learn about the role wheat and other grains play in Oregon's agricultural landscape; their function in baked goods; and how you can enhance the flavor, texture, color, and nutrition of your baked goods by "baking the grainbow". This course is ideal for home-bakers or professionals looking to build a relationship with whole grains; foodies who want to impress their friends; nerds; and craftspeople.

Reading Mary Ruefle

Using the Art of Poetry and Lecture to Reclaim Ourselves

Has the decay of curiosity, openness, naivete, vulnerability, honesty, inquiry and self-awareness contributed to the rise of fascism throughout the West. Poets help us process world events. They bring us closer to the important work of now. Poet Mary Ruefle is who we need to help us regain these things. Bestselling author of 10 thoughtful and deep collections of poems and essays, Rufle's most recent collections are an ideal model for how language can used to explore, engage and inquire. She is one of America's hottest and most compelling poets and her work could not be more relevant.

End of Life Planning

Make a life and estate plan now

Making a life and estate plan isn’t hard; deciding to make one is. This course will help you be a more informed consumer of legal services, identify common tools that apply to your life, and be better prepared to manage the affairs of a dearly departed loved ones.

The Catalyst Course (May 2017)

Executing a Plan to your Dreams

Do you have a dream or idea for how you want to live your life but haven't done it? This course is about fostering change in yourself and in others.  Previous students have jump-started consulting businesses and finished major arts projects. You will learn goal-setting, motivation, decision-making, and achievement. By joining a small cohort of Portlanders, you'll get the commitment and accountability to execute your next big step.

Image of Woman

Images of Woman: Evolution of the Female Form in Art

This image-based course traces the evolution of the female form from prehistory up to the Renaissance with a focus on how the representations of women emerge, develop, and transition from one era to the next.

Create Your Own Quest

Taught by Melea Seward

Discover ways to imbue your limited time on this planet with more joy, more meaning, and more connection. We will use TIME, ATTENTION, CONNECTION, and CURRENCY as constraints to help you create your own quest.

Reading Ta-Nehisi Coates

Slavery, the Fear and Control of Black Bodies, and the Racialized Roots of American Wealth

One of America’s leading public intellectuals, Ta-Nehisi Coates explores the history and legacy of race relations in America in Between the World and Me. Written as a letter to his young son, the book takes an urgent look at race in America. In 2015, it won National Book Award for Nonfiction and the 2015 Kirkus Prize for Nonfiction.

What Health Science Research Should I Trust?

Good Science for Better Health

Taught by Jeff Rubin

We are bombarded with claims that medications, special diets, equipment, and personal treatments can improve our health, looks, and lifespan.  How can we wade through it and end up with something useful?

Financial Freedom

Reclaiming Control of Money in your Life

Taught by Douglas Tsoi

Most people live their lives unconscious about money and because of that, live in financial fragility. We'll explore the influence the hidden assumptions of consumption and debt in our capitalist system and help you reclaim ownership of how you spend your time + your energy.