May Light Life Planning: Join Us!


Has 2019 taken a few twists and turns you didn't expect? What if you gave yourself the gift of a few hours to reflect and look forward?

We've got you! Join us for one of our informal free Light Life Planning workshops, two nights in this merry month of May in southeast Portland.

During this time, you'll:

  • Take part in a short reflective writing and roadmap exercise,

  • Build your personalized plan in the style of Passion Planner,

  • Discuss your plans with other PUGGERS who will have ideas for how you can stay on track, and

  • Remember to breathe.

Sessions are on Wednesday nights, and will be led by PUGS Dean Steph Routh. For full details and to register (it’s free, but we can only fit so many humans in a room), please choose the date that suits you:

How often do we take time to reflect on the last season of our lives, consider lessons learned, and then take a chance and put our near-term hopes to pen and paper?

Join us and make 2019 your year. You’ve got this.