Management Pivot (November 2018)

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Management Pivot (November 2018)

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Motivating and Leading People

This workshop is an intensive toolkit for individuals promoted into management. An immersive one day format balances concepts and exercises. Topics include: leading a spectrum of personalities, talent management, differences in directing vs coaching, expectations for performance reviews, and setting accountable goals in a team setting.

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Date: Thursday, November 8th
Time: 9 am - 4 pm
Location: SE Uplift | 3534 SE Main St.

Tier A$297 - large businesses and organizations.
Tier B: $197 - non-profits and small organizations (less than 10 employees)

This workshop is part of our PUGS at Work Series

Are you so awesome at your job you've been promoted? Congrats! Now you are managing a team and quickly learning that it's a different gig than being awesome with code, design, or architecture. After years of training and experience in the industry, you are in a new realm faced with managing a team and learning management on the job. Dealing with accountability, career development, employee conflicts, and management directives. Wouldn't it be great if there was a missing manual for managing humans?

This is it. Join us for a day long intensive and interactive workshop, where you will learn management techniques that will help you lead with confidence.

Topics to be covered:

- You are a manager. What does that mean exactly?
- Navigating accountability (How to keep people focused and delivering.)
- Developing careers (What does it mean to be an advocate for your people?)
- Balancing demands from your executives and your staff.
- Peer network (Value for you and for your team. How to build, manage)
- Managing a spectrum of talent (Divas/Rockstars, Cheerleaders, Eeyore)
- Talent over time (Retention, promotion, recruiting)

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Theresa Trelstad has a history of leadership spanning creative agencies, small businesses, and Fortune 20 multinational corporations. She advises leaders in designing and developing organizations, guiding differentiation and matching employee goals with business objectives.




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Steve August is a serial entrepreneur, digital artist and business coach with a number of successful technology exits to his name. He has taken a lap around the C-Suite and boardrooms in private equity backed companies, serving as CEO, CMO, and Chief Innovation Officer.