Intuitive and Intentional Career Development (May 2018)


Intuitive and Intentional Career Development (May 2018)


Feeling Your Way Into Fulfilling Work

Most of us yearn for work that allows us and our communities to flourish. We don't just want a paycheck; we want a career that reflects who we are, what we're good at, and what we value. And yet finding that kind of personalized, meaningful work can sometimes feel impossible. In this course, we’ll learn that it doesn’t need to.

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Dates: Saturdays, May 5, 12, 19, and June 2 (no class May 26)
Time: 10am-1pm
Location: MATTER | 811 E Burnside Street, #124
$249. Scholarships available.

Most of us want work that matters, work that fulfills our desires and utilizes our unique skills. But a lot of us aren't there yet.

It doesn't have to be a rote struggle to find answers, though. We can discover the next paths in our careers by attending to our interests, gifts, and values in less mechanical, more intuitive ways. Using the moon’s cycles as our guide, we’ll explore intuitive practices such as dreamwork, Tarot, meditation, and more to reconnect with our unique purposes and shed light on our career paths. Each month, the moon moves from dark to full and back again, and our own development can blossom within this ancient rhythm. This course is open to anyone at any career stage, but it will be especially helpful for those seeking a renewed sense of purpose in their work life.

Week One: Waning Moon. As the moon darkens, we turn inward and reflect on what needs to be shed, like harmful workplace habits, limiting beliefs, and draining activities. We’ll discuss intuitive practices that support the process of looking within and releasing what no longer helps us in our careers.

Week Two: New Moon. It may look like the moon isn’t doing anything because we can’t see it hanging in the sky, but tremendous growth happens in the dark. This week, we’ll focus on our intentions, and we'll begin to look at our unique strengths and how we can utilize them.

Week Three: Waxing Moon. The moon is growing again, headed toward the full moon on May 29th. What energy do we feel growing inside of us? What giftedness wants to be expressed, and how can we manifest that in our careers?

Week Four: Full Moon. Here she is: the full moon, hanging unapologetic and brilliant in the sky. This week, we’ll focus on who we are in our fullness, and we'll create a career action plan based on the next moon cycle.


Megan Leatherman is an intuitive career coach, consultant, and writer who has helped hundreds of professionals feel more aligned at work. She integrates her professional background in conflict resolution and human resources with spiritual components to design programs that prioritize wholeness.