PUGS is looking for its next leader!

We’re looking for the next Head PUGGER.

Douglas is stepping down to teach more. Are you interested in and capable of taking over an organization whose goal is to upend the 20th century model of hierarchical, expensive, and restricted education and make learning lifelong, accessible, and egalitarian? Good. We want to talk to you.

This isn’t a traditional “job” so this isn’t a normal “application” process. This is an entrepreneurial opportunity to use your talent, drive, and social mission to ramp up something that has grown to serve 1,000 students a year. Can you grow it to 5,000-10,000 in the next few years? If you’re excited by the thought, think about creating a proposal. See description here.

You can propose to:

  1. Buy the business and run it as your own

  2. Become co-partner with Douglas and build your equity through labor

  3. Sign on as CEO/director, make a salary, and get profit sharing through the enrollment growth you create

In your proposal, you’ll let us know the position you’re seeking and how you would design and compensate your role.

The process will be in three stages. All are mandatory. Individuals, teams (want to do this with a partner?), or organizations can apply:

Stage 1: Q&A info sessions. Learn about the position and what we think it will take to do it well. We’ll talk hard numbers, how the business is structured to promote equity and educational access, and what lessons we’ve learned in four years of running this thing. Attend either Thursday, September 27, from 7-8:30pm at Caldera Public House or Sunday, September 30 from 4:30-6pm at Handsome Pizza. If you plan attending either of these info sessions, please RSVP to Douglas at douglastsoi2.0 <at> gmail dot com.

Stage 2: Written applications.  Who are you and what do you care about? Which of the 9 qualifications do you have? Do you have the other skills, attitudes, and abilities? Any additional qualities you want to mention? 2 pages max. You can attach your resume too if you like. Deadline is October 14. We’ll inform semi-finalists within a week.

Stage 3: Request for Proposals. We’ll ask for business plans, offers, and references from semi-finalists. How will you grow PUGS into the institution that serves the learning needs for everyone in Portland? What’s the evidence that you have that shows us you can execute? Deadline is Nov 5. We will choose finalists and interview them by mid-November. Job starts on or around December 1!

We know how much time and emotional energy applicants put into finding work that they care about. And we know we’re only going to choose one person or team. We’re conscious of this and have designed this process to minimize the amount of work you have to do to be considered each step of the way. Thank you for considering us. There’s so much talent in this community.

Teaching at PUGS

If you want to share your expertise with the community and believe in the mission of lifelong education for all, consider teaching a course by visiting Teaching at PUGS