Change Your Financial Mindset

Change Your Financial Future

Your attitudes and beliefs about money hold enormous influence over how you live your life. Whether you realize it or not:

Your financial mindset is your financial future. 

Most people, no matter what their income is, have little to no financial education. They didn't learn it from their parents. They didn't learn it in school. Live a better life by taking control of your finances.

The PUGS Financial Freedom program is a two-part self-paced online money foundations course and community. It will help you reevalutate your relationship to money, reduce wasteful consumption, understand investing, and committ to change. The course includes approximately 30 modules, all of which help you to become the CFO of your life and finances.

"This course was great! I used to avoid thinking about money because it stressed me out. This course really helped me to reexamine and recreate my relationship to money. I'm totally inspired now to think and learn about money, and am starting to save and invest in the future that means the most to me. Douglas was an excellent instructor. He is a living example of financial freedom, and was an skilled facilitator, guide, and advisor during the process. Take this class! It's the best investment (in your dreams) that you'll ever make." - Dan Daly

Unlike other PUGS courses, Financial Freedom is online and on-demand.

You can enroll from anywhere in the world and work at your own pace. You'll join a online community of motivated and supportive learners committed to the same goal of financial maturity and independence.

Financial Freedom 1: Become the CFO of Your Life

Live the life that you want by taking control of your finances. This online course gives you the framework to understand how to buy your financial freedom: 

  • The stories we tell: identifying and changing your unconscious money scripts.
  • Seven levels of financial maturity.
  • The only two (or three) numbers you need to know to reach financial independence in 16 years. 
  • Voluntary simplicity: getting of the endless cycle of consumption, worry, and debt, and living according to your needs and values.
  • Buying time instead of material things or experiences.
  • Making a financial manifesto and creating a life according to your values.
  • Getting real with numbers: Creating one-year, five-year and lifetime budgets. What is your lifestyle costing you? Where's the money leaking?
  • Becoming the CFO of your life: making a yearly profit so you can invest in your future.
  • The miracle of compound interest: great when you are saving for your future, awful if you're in a cycle of debt and consumption.
  • Your mindset is your future: the attitudes and behaviors of the financially successful.
"The Financial Freedom course changed my perspective on money and removed a lot of mental and emotional barriers I was having to taking control of my financial life, as well as providing me with a lot of practical information. Highly recommend!" - Kronda A.


Financial Freedom 2: The Financial Action Mastermind

Join the FAM! After you gain the foundations of financial literacy, you have to live it. Financial freedom is a shift in thinking, a change in attitudes and behaviors around money. Success means doing different things and creating new habits. You'll want to join the financial action mastermind, a group of people committed to the same goal of financial freedom who will keep you energized. This monthly membership community is set up to keep you learning and to help you be accountable and supported in changes to your lifestyle. 

  • The four principles of financial success: clarity, time and effort, community, and continuous improvement.
  • Answers to every question you've ever wanted to ask about investing.
  • Tips on generating more income to increase your yearly profit with new businesses and side hustles.
  • Accountability and support from people on the same journey as you.
  • Questions and answers from the group's diverse collective mind.
  • Weekly community meetups.
  • Monthly Sunday Q&A with Douglas.
  • Newly updated content and information about achieving your financial goals.
  • A giant support network for engaging, applying, exercising, realizing, or practicing your financial freedom goals.
  • Optional investment club for people who want to research and invest together.