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Current + Upcoming

Current + Upcoming Courses


May 2017 || Courses


Mass Incarceration & the War on Drugs (June 2017)

Understanding and Moving Beyond the Current Prison Crisis

The US incarcerates more people per capita than any other country in the world, and incarceration is acutely and disproportionately concentrated among communities of color. This course provides a substantive overview of what has become known as mass incarceration – the dramatic expansion of the US prison system over the past 40 years. Learn about mass incarceration’s history, scope, and impact; its connections to the War on Drugs and the legacy of slavery; and the exciting movements and strategies being deployed to dismantle it.


How to Train Workshop

Getting Serious about being a Learning Organization

Learning is how organizations create and convey culture and expertise. In fact, the vast majority of any organization is the knowledge, capabilities, and performance of its staff. It's time to get serious about proper training. This workshop is about how to effectively convert knowledge into employee performance and organizational results. 


Financial Freedom - Online (April 2017)

Getting empowered about money in your life

There is only one person responsible for your financial health: you. We'll explore the influence the hidden assumptions of consumption and debt in our capitalist system and help you reclaim ownership of how you spend your time + your energy. Make a financial plan that truly reflects your aspirations, priorities, and realities. 

Facebook Marketing

Increase your revenue. Grow your audience. Amplify your message.

Facebook is the most affordable and the most efficient way to advertise online. The best part? Anyone can do it. Never before has such a data-driven, targeted platform been so readily available and accessible. This PUGS class will teach you how to increase your revenue, grow your audience, and amplify your messaging through Facebook advertising.

Talking Across the Political Chasm (April 2017)

How to Listen + Talk In Divisive Times

For many of us, the election results felt deeply personal. We responded with anger, but we must redirect our attention. This course will give you cathartic doses of direct action and a chance to shift the system, through effective communication across the political divide.

Image of Woman

Images of Woman: Evolution of the Female Form in Art

This image-based course traces the evolution of the female form from prehistory up to the Renaissance with a focus on how the representations of women emerge, develop, and transition from one era to the next.